What We Do

We Open Opportunities
Through Collaboration

Novare is a growing consortium of forward-thinking, single-site and small system Life Plan Community providers that have come together to collaborate, innovate, and enhance the world of senior living through shared next practices.

Foundational Programs

This series of meetings and peer exchanges provides members the occasion to share ideas and information, seek advice, and learn from one another’s experiences. Programs include CEO Forums and peer exchanges across more than 15 disciplines, such as operations.


Professional Programs

As part of a commitment to fostering exceptional industry leaders, Novare offers two unique professional development programs. Each organization within Novare is guaranteed the opportunity to send multiple participants to either program annually.

Management Essentials

This six-month program boasts 200+ graduates and counting. Meeting virtually, it offers new managers (or managers new to an organization) the opportunity to expand knowledge, build skills, and refine behaviors needed to effectively manage employees in a particular operational area.

One participant in this program talked about how it helped his professional growth.

Leadership Development

This year-long program boasts 40 graduates and counting. It offers professionals a space to develop their leadership brand and competencies, providing a unique opportunity to work on real leadership and organizational issues

Best Practice Development & Idea Incubation

To promote best practices in the industry, Novare members develop and share Signature Programs—standout initiatives with proven results that fellow Novare members can adopt. Covering topics like community connection, health and wellness, and recruiting and retention, these programs provide a guide for enhancing everything from operational processes to day-to-day services. Often, they inspire more groundbreaking ideas!

Download a copy of the Novare® Signature Program Initiative report

Download a copy of the Novare® Sustainability Initiatives report


Resource Sharing

Novare members also benefit from consortium perks that support each organization’s continued success. These include:

Group Purchasing Power to reduce operating costs and provide discounts on food, office supplies, software, and more.

Benchmarks to measure organizational success compared to Novare members, who are successful and innovative industry leaders.

Research to Shape the Future

Novare members also are afforded an exclusive opportunity to take part in ongoing, future-shaping research in collaboration with Mather Institute—an award-winning resource for trends in senior living, information on wellness and aging, and successful aging service innovations. Recent studies include:

  • The Age Well Study, a longitudinal five-year study conducted with Northwestern University
  • A study identifying ways to engage Baby Boomer employees in senior living
  • A study of on-site wellness coaching for residents, with the goal of enhancing participants’ holistic wellness